One Time Only: Kill All Thralls Option

Ok, still trying to accept that Funcom probably isn’t going to raise the thrall cap. At best, we’ll get 100 thralls for solo as well as clan.

Here’s my big problem

I know some of my thralls have sunk into foundations somewhere around my massive base. I also had three other clanmates beside the one who’s active with me now. Because of how thralls get refreshed when someone just signs in, this means there could be thralls at literally any point on the map, just staring off into the distance.

When the patch rolls out, please provide us some way to kill all thralls in our clan. Either by an option in the menu, or by letting us email you to somehow set up a targetted wipe, or whatever other way might work.

Even if I spend days picking up and placing thrall pots around the entire map, there’s no guarantee I can even reach sunken or glitched thralls. This will count against my / our cap. Please consider something like this, I’m sure I can’t be the only one who would benefit from this one time request.

See also: Option to Break Bonds with ALL Thralls


I think this is a reasonable request. I don’t have the same issue, but I empathize and hope they can offer something to accommodate you and anyone else who has a similar issue.


I plan to start all my thralls from scratch so even without sunken/hidden thralls I would like this option.

It’ll save me time and having to open up a menu X amount of times and this applies to many players. There’s going to be mass menu opening, dismissing thralls and rinse repeating this process.

Would be awesome to nip this in the bud with a QoL improvement that would surely be appreciated beforehand… just make it so we don’t do so mistakenly. Add an " Are you sure?" Or maybe even something craftable at an altar and a feat as a hard check.

Potion of Sacrifice which sets your personal thrall count to 0


This is a great idea. Gets me half-way to anxious.

You know what would fully mollify The Culling for me? Ritual Sacrifice. Let the blood run into my Set Temple, and my Lord His Scaliness will blessss my former thralls’ rebirth into the Exiled Lands. :snake:


I’d rather have it so you can selectively kill a thrall.

Make it so the thrall you’ve selected is visible with a pointer to it through ALL walls, foundations, map obstacles, etc.

It’s already a pain to farm good thralls. I don’t want to just mass kill them all because the game is a little glitchy and they fall through things…lol

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Well the idea would be to have it nestled in a menu somewhere with a confirmation or two so you don’t accidentally do it. The new Break Bonds feature will already let you kill them one by one.

I’d also be fine with having a list of all thralls in the menu and being able to dismiss them one by one that way.

There’s just no reason for me to keep any of my legacy thralls and pets, so instead of tearing down half my base and spending a week combing the entire map for old clanmates remnants, I’d rather just have a one click solution to avoid the overwhelming headache that this is going to cause.


What about if they added a) Interact and b) Break Bond command to the thrall pot or feed box?


That still means I’d have to walk around the entire map, placing it, interacting with it, picking it up, walking, and doing it over and over and over again. It would let me get the glitched thralls, but at the cost of my sanity and will to play the game lol

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I was thinking micro again, like the abandoned treehaus. You’re right. :sad trombone:

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A new command “summon and slay all LEGACY pets and thralls”, which mass deletes them all and leaves a giant loot pile at your feet, containing all their gear.

Just a good clean and quick wipe, so you can start fresh.

Ideally, you would be stocking up on freshly broken thralls, stored in chests, so you can quickly redeploy the new ones when done. Or, you deploy the new ones during the grace period, then “summon/slay” when fully protected by them if in PvP.

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my problem is il litterally have 1000 thralls dozens of black yeti,bandit leaders u name it and ill probably have alot sunken into my foundations aswell the past 2 years but this is on PvE tho so i really hope they will leave this pvp update out of PvE cause im not planning to walk 950+ thralls into the volcano before this game breaking update hits i guess they just love to see people’s hundreds of hours of work dissapear in 30 min

“fully protected by them” i dont think u realise that even with the leveling sytem the AI wont change u go have fun leveling all ur archers up to level 20 in pvp only to have someone kill them in ±10 min

ok, there is no such thing as fully protected and I get that. I’m just laying out scenarios.

Alternatively, I’d love a one time “summon all clan thralls” to a particular location.

Then sort them out of kill them from there.

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I have nothing to add that I haven’t said before, I just wanted to state I love this idea and support it wholeheartedly. Thanks, @zerog!


With something like this they need to listen because the way it is now, you will never find lost thralls and the culling feature is random so its no help at all at killing off thralls that are lost. if they go ahead with out some kinda way to select the thralls this will be a huge mess and alot of people will be angry, or hell a delete all thralls button. for players that want to place all new. you would have to collect all the gear ffirst but atleast it would kill lost thralls.

They had implemented this mechanic back in the days when the feeding system was 1st placed,and they thought ALL playerbase would read it at forums… Lool

I hope they will put an at least 2 week message upon login for that… or forum will he flooded with:i lost half my thralls or lost legendary gear on thralls that vsnished upon the implementation xd

I remember an orgy of threads in the taste of: “my thralls are all dead ***** funcom!!!”:rofl:

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@zerog, @Barnes, @CodeMage I thought of another method for clans to work with the new limits that might be more intuitive, a favoriting mechanism: