Online for offline Gaming

OK pardon me for pointing this out but what kind of Mickey Mouse mentality is the forcing player that wishes to play offline to be online?
There are several reasons why someone chose to play offline, among many: low to non connectivity in the area, to unplug, etc…
Why is Funcom all of the sudden forcing us to be online at all times even when we want to play offline?
This could be done earlier before this new patch, forcing us to connect to something not everyone cares about to be connected. all of the sudden Steam has to be online in order for us single players that prefer the offline mode.
The cause of it is because Funcom needs to connect to some new Mickey mouse bs for friends to find you. FFs it’s called single player and offline mode because you want to play solo, with no friends online buggering you while you play.
Please fix this.

I’m just going to guess here but are you talking about Conan Exiles?
If so this is the wrong game forum as this is for the MMOrpg game Age of Conan Unchained and is not the same game. This game has always been online for obvious reasons.

woops! lmao still Funcom though but yer right, wrong game hahaha