Online PVP & Coop... No online PVE?

From the storepage I can see it marked as Singleplayer, online PVP & Coop, does this mean that there will be no official PVE servers?

Hey @Frillen

There will be official PVE servers for Isle of Siptah.


Thanks Ignasis, although I have been playing some pvp back in early access days of Conan Exiles, I don’t really have the time to babysit my base everyday during pvp time anymore :slight_smile:

Whew. What about PVE-C? Is that going away?

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Will the area where we attempt to get thralls be pvp on pve servers? The trailer said we can be challenged so I’m curious as a pve player.

I have a feeling that if there will be PVE servers there will also be PVE-C servers… Hopefully :slight_smile:

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I hope it is PVP only in that area on PVE servers. It would make things more interesting…

And what of pve-c?

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