Online Raiding impossible


Hello com,

me and my friends just trying to raid a other clan which look impossible online.

Building was T3 i placed 3 jars and blow them after explosion the enemy just repair the wall and i tryt to place the jars faster we tryt gas at the wall but he still repair after every jar the walls and foundations.

Ther should be a cooldown after explosivs for repairing and for replacing walls.

thank you

place 11 or 12 jars all at once it a little bit more costly but that is a for sure way to prevent them from repairing

Ok one u doing it wrong resource vs resource you can’t out damage vs repair with explosive jars. One jar resource can repaire t3 foundation 14 times with steel. Now online you use trebs they are cheaper to maintain vs repair t3. One boulder does 6500 damage vs 9500 of jars get 9 shots before u have to repair it all takes wood and iron reforcments. So this would force to to fight.

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