Only getting locusts during purge

Game mode: [Online
Problem: | Misc]
Region: [oasis of Nekt]

Not sure if its a bug or intended but I have had three purges in the last week since I started playing and all three have been locusts. I’m not sure if it"s because of my base location or just a roll of the dice, but I expected there to be more of a variety especially since I won’t be able to collect purge thrall if I only get attacked by bugs every single time.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Your location plays a role on what you get, And rarer spawns are, well rare. XD

There is list of what spawns were, and wave count and what can show up. (don’t have it… I like to be surpised. (thou i;ve test abit…so spoiled most of it)

Yea I haven’t seen a list, but just wanna know if its always going to be locusts or can I expect a variety at the oasis.

Not sure how updated it is, but most of them from memory seem correct.

check your location on the purge map on the wiki and see whether anything else can spawn there

They said they’d fixed the problem with getting the same purge every time in the last update. Up until then I had had four purges total - all the same Vanir outcasts. After the “fix” I got a wave of yetis, which was cool, but last night I got the stupid Vanir outcasts again. And the purge is broken again, since it said I was being attacked, when I wasn’t, and this has happened to my friends, as well. I left the game mid-purge because it was so stupid. I’d like a variety of purge enemies in large numbers that would actually test my defences - purges are too weak.

Just got another purge last night…locusts again.

what are the other purge mob options available in the area you built?

Hey @gkitti7, both location and randomness influence which Purge you’re getting when the event is generated, as well as the Purge Settings for your server.

That being said, I’m not entirely sure if this can be considered an issue without having more detailed information to look into, could you share your precise location and server settings being used?

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