Only thing that was good and fun to use in this game and they break it

Just why did you needed to mess up jumping/sliding it was so great thing in this game and now its totaly … just why? can someone explain from devs what was your point in fixing something what was great and totaly break it i just had 2 friends joining from long time back to game just to leave and delete the game after 15 min of playing they didnt even try other stuff when they saw what you done with jumping and sliding its not just them as i see here a lot of players hate it so 1 more time devs why just why ffs you think it was needed to be fix.

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What are you talking about?

I don’t like it too.

try it and youll see the difference you will not catch walls in most of cases you just fall down and you cant anymore jump and turn like before and catch your self to wall just try youll see

Catiching yourself to a wall s***s hard now.

While I had noticed no issues in normal game play that I have been doing on an official server, I decided to log into my local game and test. Teleported to some monstrous cliffs all over the map and ran and jumped… every instance I had no issues sliding, catching my fall or doing anything else with regards to climbing.

You using any mods?

no mods

Yea idk why climbing and jumping were changed. They literally have nothing to do with combat.

Strange, nothing has changed for me. Completely normal.

I know one thing that changed is the look around in game settings, it is on by default. I turned it off. That may be your issues.

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