Onslaught Issues

Ok, so I played the beta version and now the implemented version.

Here’s a few issues I have encountered.

I signed up for RF (Thoths) and not onslaught, it popped, I accepted, ported in, no one but me there, ported out, then given deserter for my trouble. Have to wait to do either now until the debuff is gone.

  • please fix this

The waves are fine except unlike the rest of AoC, they come at you without a break for CDs. This defeats the mechanic of having an ever increasing difficulty with each wave.

  • please consider making the mobs wait until engaged to match the rest of the game design or this will die in 2 weeks when people see the difference in character design versus the changed mechanic

I think it was clever for funcom to sell Onslaught boxes. Now people have the weapons and did nothing to earned them and everyone else is jealous.

  • please rethink this or the difficulty level as again this mode will be ignored within a few weeks