Onslaught lvl 15 to hard for buy weapons

lvl 15 to hard for buy weapons, lvl 10 ist is nice for by weapons
i play 5 hours every day Onslaught
I’ve never made it with random groups to Lvl 15
i have 2000 onslaught token and can’t buy any weapons
that is very frustrating

sorry for my bad Englisch

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Do the groups that make it to 15+ pull the mobs up the stairs? Must be strategies or something.

I only played the first evening it launched and lost interest somewhat quickly. Our group had to keep regrouping after one failure. It got annoying and we quit at level 11.

Reaching lvl 15 really isn’t that hard. We did it in groups with 5 people mostly pvp gear and low level pve gear, some parts t4 from the rf.

Key is to kill the bosses as soon as possible. You need to run to them with your whole group.if you dont, then it will become much harder. Especially with that debuffing boss left alone.

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Most groups just run from one spider camp to another for max tokens/relics. Ignoring mini bosses and rangers/caster along the way. Then screaming why they wiped?

After wave 9/10 you have to focus on mini bosses and rangers/casters first or they will overwhelm you.

Just ignore spider camps if you cant progress, reach w15 and go buy a weapon.

Farming camps is better on low waves (1-5/9).

Farming legendary gems on higher waves (15+) needs some coordination and players not to be greedy (pulling camps).

PS: if you have probs with rangers/casters, just brake LoS and wipe them with some AoEs. Good place is behind resspad (but be aware of meteors/poison and mini bosses like witch/concubine).

I was actually thinking the complete opposite, that wave 15 is too low to give access to these weapon as they are now.


Considering these weapons are comparable to T6 weapons the requirement for wave 15 seems pretty damn easy. I haven’t played for quiet some time but months ago on Test Live, even after they buffed the strength of the wave enemies, wave 15 was still a cake walk though we had a “coordinated” team at that time (coordinated in a sense of, we knew our team better than a PUG group).


So you are upset that t6 weapons take more than a week to earn? Have you even beaten the t6, or even t5, raids yet?

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Was hoping for 2 versions of the weapons (similar to t5-runes):
-“blue” ones with slightly reduced stats and no requirement
-“pink” ones like the current ones with wave 20 or 25 as requirement

But that suggestion didn’t seem to be a valid option for the developers


How about not doing RF Queue and forming a group with a good setup and do the content properly?

Lvl 15 is too easy. It should have been around 20-25 at least. I don’t know why people always want everything for free and without any effort.


Realistically, there are a lot of people for various reasons, time they get on, time available, small guild, no guild, etc., that will never be able to hit level 20+.

Making it a high cost, especially for such high tier weapons, is a good call.

I think the level requirement is way too low and 20 would be more reasonable for the new welfare weapons.


Hate to brake it to you, but you can get a full set of weapons and gems even without entering once thanks to in-game shop and trader :smiley: 15 is fine, and as it is.

To OP, make a premade group and focus mini-bosses (skulls) specially the witch (storm) and necro (debuff) on map.

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Make it 50. I already have everything from the shop :smiley:

These weapons should not have comparable stats to the ones from the highest raid of the game.


^So much this


Hvall said just what I thought, something you can do with 5 randoms should not be compared to something 24 people have to work somewhat hard for and add RNG to that with the dropps.



well i feel with you because on some puggroups i played with, i can’t imagine they can open a banana without hurting themselves. … :grimacing:

search for a group that maybe use a tactic instead of running brainless from camp to camp when waves get harder or search global for a good 6man-setup


I want the new PvE weapons to be behind a giant boring grind, and then I want to be able to come to the forums and complain that the arbitrary barrier they’re behind isn’t large enough. That way I can feel special about my group of players in full t6, while nobody else can enjoy the new content or reap any reward from it.

How dare people get comparable loot to something 95% of the population keyboard turns and clicks through. Something something people work hard for their loot something something raidfinder ruined PvE something something wah wah QQ.


They are not new weapons, they are tier 6 raid weapons that require 24 people, geared people, to get. They now allow a group of 6 people to get them, faster and easier, than a raid of 24, and you still cry like a baby. Nice.

you are right, i think everyone should get pvp10 gear right from the start without doing anything.