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Hi Everyone, I have been playing this game since ‘release’. This product while being a great product overall is simply not complete. While I do not expect a game to be flawless, there are limits. I’ve been reading on these forums a lot lately as I’m coming here to check on any progress mad. The most important endgame content is having purges. After 400h playing on the same official server and having at least 1 base in each biome, I have yet to receive my first (actual)purge, not simply a message that I have defeated the purge. I’m not saying the purge should the top prio for the devs to fix, but for any lvl 60 player I suppose it would be. As far as AI goes, there are simply no words(suitable to be used here) that would describe the AI in this game, ad far as I’m concerned the ‘I’ might as well be left out in this case. Anyway, after reading all these posts about refunds and other stuff, people defending Funcom and people breaking down Funcom. Imho this whole mess could simply be avoided if Steam/Sony/Microsoft… would protect their players from these games being sold on their shops. If a game becomes broken(and have a panel of experienced gamers decide this, and maybe even have gamers apply to be part of the panel) to the point comparable to the current status of CE, it would simply be pulled from the shelves until it is fixed again, now they simply get away with it. If a game is applying for ‘release’ status, that same panel of gamers can decide on whether the product is ready for release as claimed by the studio releasing it. It would still allow for games to be developed according to this business model: where they sell a game in EA state to ‘test’ the market, to have market feedback and to gather funds to continue developing their products. It kinda boggles my mind that with all the consumer protection laws in this world we are still having this conversation in the first place. Consumer protection could also be applicable in these situations. Bottom line is, take away the revenue by pulling these flawed games from the shelves and a situation where a game studio releases a flawed game or releases a patch that breaks the game and then goes on holiday would not even exist in the first place. I believe we need Steam/Microsoft/Sony to take a lead in implementing some kind of protection and to avoid games becoming a frustration instead of leisure. This is just my personal opinion.


@Skinny I hear you man, amen, and we are many who think this exact way, but i am afraid it’s a bit too late now.
There’s too many sheep around to make a collective change.
But i totally agree with you, 100%.

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Hi Shadoza,

  • You don’t have let other people decide for you what is playable and what is not, you could simply still buy it directly from Funcom. I only said that Steam/Microsoft/Sony could do it and prevent these games from being sold in their shop.

  • I did not say that it should stop being playable, it could simply be pulled from the store for that period.

  • Again, you could always buy it directly from them.

I have a feeling you are only reading what you would like to read, this is an overall feeling I get when reading all your posts. Again simply my opinion.

But ty for your reply and your opinion.

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I’m part of a panel for the Sony side of the Console world. I was a member of the very first PS3 panel that helped form the open-source days of the PS3 Phat. Our group interfaced with Sony to allow us to continue running Linux on our PS3s, among other things. If it weren’t for another entirely different panel, we would never have had Folding @ Home for our consoles.

They are very effective utilities, and can often promulgate the success of a title. There will certainly be a resurgence for the PS4, for instance, but if it’s ill-timed the port will fail. One of us will ultimately take it upon herself to notify our console peers when the game is to standards. It would be more suitable for a panel to help make this decision, so that the messenger doesn’t have to die in a hail of poison arrows.

Since this is a PC thread, I can say to @Skinny we’ve been down this road in Early Access. Steam thinks it’s a darn good game, and despite a little putrid meat here and there, Conan Exiles for the PC holds up to criticism just fine.

Hi again,

  • Let me rephrase that and put it back into context for you: All your posts I came across while reading the forum topics I was interested about.

  • Thanks for clarifing that for all those that did not understand what I meant, yes games sold on in their shops(Steam, Microsoft, Sony, …)

No you cannot read what is not written, you can however read the parts that you want to read and give a reply on that.


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