Optimized Building Material Access

Having taken the time to explore the new system, one of the things I would love to see would be if there was a way (strictly for building only) to have the construction hammer access owned storage containers to gain the crafting materials needed for construction.

Considering the system as it is, I think it would work since the game already makes allowances for both personal chests and for clan chests (regular chests). This would give people the option of placing the building supplies for themselves or for the clan overall as they chose.

Alternatively, one could add in custom building containers in the same way - personal/clan, that can only hold materials used for building.

I feel that this would free up builder’s inventories - which seems to be one of the aims of this new build, much like taking all of the building patterns out of the characters inventory and putting them into the hammer. And from a clan perspective, it allows the builders to concentrate on design even as their clanmates are out gathering more resources (and dumping them into the container without the builder having to go back to the boxes over and over).

As a way of better compartmentalizing where raw/building mats are stored, it would help reduce confusion and clutter, and improve time management.

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