Orb of Negal for thralls

This would be excellent - nothing worse than finding an Accursed Beserker with excellent growth stats but they look like someone smacked their face with a frying pan… repeatedly.


I would also like something to change what the workstation, Priest, Sorcerers Thralls have on and their weapon. The Orb could be used for changing hair color and style and maybe eye color, but the skin color should not be changed.


I usually don’t place a berserker if I don’t like their looks… however, admittedly… I am desperate for guards sometimes. As I acquire more, I pick and choose who to place and who not to.

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Full face helmet can fix that

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In a preventive way? As in not being hit in the face with the fry pan in the first place? Or as in obscuring the rampant congenital deformities that seem to afflict so many people in the Hyborian age? Also maybe the rampant use of mascara by men… a time of high adventure, sandles and professionally applied eye makeup.

If you find yourself with ugly thralls, there’s a cursed tree coming in chapter 2 that you could deploy them under

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Feel glad they don’t look like they use to in 2018. All T4 combat thralls looked like Sid the Sloth. They got a major upgrade compared to that! Take a look at Freya here… :rofl:


Good luck trying to flank her


I suppose it’s a good thing AI wasn’t too bright back then either. They weren’t always the smartest prey. :rofl:

Funny thing though, for the longest time, I wasn’t see them clearly when in the wild and I kept thinking it was something that occurred after you converted them on the wheel. I would joke that I must have hit them too hard when knocking them out! Lol… :joy:

If playing on Single Player mode, I capture, break and then substitute for an admin spawn cuter version. When playing online, it’s very different. I capture if I like the looks, then I break, then I closely inspect and only if I like them I keep them. Otherwise, break bond. Out of 2 full greater wheels, if I keep one or two, I consider myself lucky. It’s a pain. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t want thralls nerfed. When I lose one, it’s not just any thrall.

You see the good in every situation. :laughing:

Same… unfortunately, trying to get certain thralls is a pain. Since I was merged to a new server earlier this year, I’ve been trying to rebuild my female dancer collection. Syra Brennerhet has continued allude me for months, and now that sorcerers have taken two of her spawn points, it’s even tougher. I’ll be happy with any version of her at this point.

I had a playthrough of months without even seeing a Lianeele, @jmk1999 . Frustrating.

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