Orbs... Please stop punishing us!

You remove all orbs in the game because a few players exploited… You did this all through early access too, punish us with wipes because of a few exploiters. Now, in release, you punish us by taking away something we spent a lot of time making and acquiring.

This is not right. Please stop. There are other ways to punish exploiters, or you can just let it go. Especially on the official PVE servers. Orbs don’t hurt other players so what’s the problem? I’m amazed at the broken logic in this decision. I had hoped that these petty wipes and resets would end after early access.

I’m available for limited consultation sessions if you want a trained critical thinker and lifelong fan of Robert E. Howard’s work to run these kinds of game breaking decisions by. It could only help to have someone outside your bubble who can play devil’s advocate. I love this game, but I seriously believe that you’re hurting your customers with so many of the decisions that you’re making.

Either way, I hope you’re successful, because I want to play this game!

So that is where all my orbs went.

Hm, I wonder what kind of magical algorithm you have created that will identify the exact orbs that were created by exploits?

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And you will be the one to complain about exploited players using excessive orbs to blow up your base if Dev didn’t remove all orbs

Algorithms aren’t the only way to deal with this issue. And it doesn’t have to be the same for PVE and PVP servers.

I won’t complain about my base being blown up because I play on a PVE server. It’s just punishing all of our hard work.