Organization Lockout Timers

Recently FC added in a patch a 6 hour lockout timer PER CHARACTER when you leave an organization to join another.

This means that each and every alt that was in the old Org , MUST be in game for 6 hours for the timers to elapse. They do not lapse logged off.

Can we get this changed please, this is ridiculous for anyone just wanting to move to one Org from another and doubly so for people with many alts?

At least make the time elapse offline. Come on Funcom!!



am I missing a point why this was changed? It is ridiculous!

Think it was implemented to prevent infinite ninja planting/swapping orgs for towers wars (to prevent hotting your own sites). I definitely think the timer should countdown while offline, sounds like a nightmare to swap orgs lol

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Maybe, FC made it offline to prevent the swap org because wars are in schredule timing.
Offline timers have a real impact where as online timer wouldnt have.

If it’s done to prevent hotswapping orgs to plant low level tower sites - then it’s bad, cause killing lots of lowbie tower sites is already a big deal to do.
The only good reason to implement this is to prevent people from joining orgs with tower sites to do not get tower flag by attacking site.
Besides, people hotswapped orgs for twinking purposes, which was always effective and fair, cause big tower sites were, im most cases, taken by faction-based action, not single org-based.

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I have 2 accounts 10 toons each and Im in the process of changing Orgs. 60 hours of playtime just to swap.

Not cool at all


Please read this before 23rd of June hotfix.
We need to be able to twink and use contracts in other orgs. At least make the timer to count offline - we have unique buffs running out and this is just one reason why this is non sense. We have fought plantwars and orgswapwars in NW since start.