Original map any plans to complete it?

Since i read the old engine was updated and changed can the new one work for the old area of the un covered map? You know you could just make it like a dungeon instance then it could possibly work then?

No profit in original map… i feel people haven’t picked on the big glaring clue here… the DLC = Game Wipe… sooner everyone makes peace with that fact…the better the future of the experience goes.

Upside is if everyone builds in trees, undermeshers etc wont be as effective …to an extent…

I also didn’t pick that clue up, how do you figure that??

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That the area holds several of dungeons in that corner. Work to move them and keep them working… rrrr. I don’t know.

I’m sure few of them use the terrain, not easy to move. =/

  • The map is wiped… nobody wants to ever give up their undermesh body vaults etc so new map means no kids crying about losing their existing crap.

  • Spawns on the new map aren’t consolidated… they are spread out, mitigates complaints about people spamming country side killing spawns etc.

  • Undermeshing. So far i can’t see anywhere you can build under the mesh… why fix an existing map for free when you can charge people for the fix :slight_smile:

Theres more but basically the way i see it this is a patch with a price tag to existing problems

Id pay for a map expansion to the main map not a big deal you can still make money off of it.

As for the fix itself, the anti-undermeshing changes and other base game updates such as rebalancing affect both maps. You can help test them on TestLive.

The new map has been in the works for almost a year and I suppose it was made (from some point onward) with the anti-undermeshing changes in mind. It may have helped with testing the feature, but otherwise the new map is not a replacement for the new map in this regard.

It was planned to have the map get a price tag way before these changes were announced. A lot of effort goes into making a map and they need to pay their employees for that.
Also when the map leaves Early Access, they are increasing the price for the DLC because of added content and bugfixes specific to the DLC, not the base game.

I wouldn’t build in any trees, random destabilizing ceiling pieces are quite catastrophic

this triggers me, its the same tired response. I’ve sent detailed location of the undermesh spots with detailed instructions on how to do it and even how to fix it… TEST still has it unfixed…

So enough with that lip service.

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