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Howdy y’all. I did a search and didn’t see anyone else asking. WoW outcast here looking for a new sword and sorcery home. I purchased the full game during the sale and am starting a co-op/sinpleplayer server to learn the game.

When I boot it up though it wants to start me after a ship sinking which I believe is part of the DLC content?

Is there a way to start the game as it was originally introduced with Conan cutting you down off a cross?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, may Crom be indifferent to your problems.

There are two (official) maps. If you choose to start your single player in the Exiled Lands then you will be cut down from the cross, if you choose to start in Siptah, then you will get the sinking ship intro.

BTW ~ Welcome to the forum. :+1:

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Okay, thank you very much.

As @DaVice mentioned… however, you need to make sure you’ve selected Exiled Lands, especially if you create a custom server setting. The first tab of it has a drop-down menu that selects which map to start on.

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