Other admins and purge


I this is a question for other admins.

Do you have purge on and what are the settings at?


I have the Purge set @ level 4 with a 30 min. duration. This is a bit strong for a new server and I think the Purge should be increased in length and difficulty as the server population matures. Basically start low and build up, they are still adjusting the purge difficulty to my understanding so it’s tough to say anything that will hold up.


Purge can be quite hard ATM for new players, specially with new players coming with new changes and game release at 8th May. I personally prefer deactivating purge with a new server and let them build a strong house before activating it, so new players have time to familiarize with game mechanics, collect some basic resources and get some lvl 1-2 thralls, and give veterans time to settle in more difficult areas, so they can all be ready for purge and ensuring they are hit, but not wiped, also ensuring players loyalty. Once your server runs smoothly with 2 or 3 active clans you can let the purge activated and let the clans and players help one another.

That, of course, is for PvE servers. In PvP server is better deactivate purge completly and wipe server manually from time to time, so players can focus on fighting other players, instead of enviorment.