Other Fractions

I have two characters and both are templars… I am wondering if there is a difference in the game if you play another fraction?

I like the Templars but just curious about the others.

By playing other factions you will get a fuller and more complete view of the story.
There are incredibly interesting NPC’s and side-stories when you play other factions.
There are faction-specific items of clothing.
It is worth replaying with all three factions.


I have been considering it , now I think I will do this. But first finish what I am doing now. Being able to complete each section, this time, I am having fun at.

To get specific there are 2 missions per faction that the other factions don’t get (they are transitions between regions and take place in the home cities.) and the mission hand-in text is different on any mission with custom text (effectively the same on the ‘thank you for completing this task. here is your reward’ side missions). Otherwise it’s the same thing.

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