Our Main Focus for January/February


Part of our focus right now is to refine core mechanics, make exploration more exciting and improve experience as well as the leveling curve. We already have our Purge improvement/fixes on TestLive. January and February will see updates where we will gradually deploy more patches to our Test Servers and Live which deal with the following issues, additions and improvements:

  • More updates for the Purge
  • More performance updates
  • Improvements to AI behavior and controls
  • Progression balancing from starting experience to end game (parts of this is on TestLive already)
  • Improvements and additions to make exploration both more dangerous but also more rewarding (new special Elite type mini-bosses, New World Bosses etc)
  • Fixes to UI and Admin Panel
  • Avatar, Siege and Raiding balancing and improvements
  • More Exploit fixes
  • Building Quality of Life Improvements
  • Exploit Fixes
  • New VoiP System
  • More Roleplaying related additions

Stay tuned for more details and info for each of these areas as we progress. Remember to check out the TestLive Patch notes and updates to see what we have cooking and take the opportunity to give us direct input on what we work on by playing on our TestLive Servers.


Trello Issues Board

We have a public bug tracking board here ! You can check this to track the issues that get brought up by the community the most. In the “For prioritization” column you can vote for the issues you would like us to prioritize and we will make sure it gets moved into development asap. You can read the full details on how it works on the forum post here .

Separate TestLive Product on Steam

We heard your input regarding the inconvenience with having to switch back and forth between the main game and our TestLive servers. To make it easier for you and because we really value your testing and feedback, we added a separate product for the TestLive server on Steam.

If you own Conan Exiles on Steam, you should now see a separate Product called “Conan Exiles - Testlive Client” in your library which gives you the option to install an additional instance of the game specifically for the TestLive servers. Please be aware that this will prompt you for a full additional installation.

We are aware that not everyone wants install or has space for two full installations. For those of you who don’t want to play through the additional TestLive Client, you can still access the TestLive servers through our old method.