Out heal any damage done by bows

Ambrosia can out heal any damage done by bows, even when naked. I’ve tested this on solo and use poison set arrows. Cannot out damage ambrosia. Will anyone use archery if you can’t even kill anyone?

With a shield plus ambrosia you can’t kill the person at all. They just stand there and block and heal through anything you throw at them with any weapon.

Are we getting combat balancing for healing and archery? How do you kill someone with a shield standing their healing and blocking?

I want to get back into this game but if combat isn’t exciting then the rest of the game doesnt have a point.

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Thanks for the heads up

I packed three archery-related questions into our list of questions for the devs here, as well as one related to healing: https://forums.funcom.com/t/questions-for-the-devstream-the-purge/

Hopefully we can get them to address both how archery is in the game, and how healing currently is.

A popular opinion right now is that players should have an animation when they drink a potion or eat a food, which lasts until the healing is complete. Interrupting this animation should cancel the healing (and ‘spill’ the potion). You wouldn’t be able to both heal and hold up a shield at the same time.