Out of early acces - and found bugs . i think they are bugs... 6 big ones

Game mode: Official but mostly i write report only if all is inclluded
Type of issue: ???- Bug/ performance and others
Server type: PVE
Region: Europe
Mods?: NO

Bug Description:

Many bugs or dunno what, but found them actual yesterday ( only one i knew before and dir already report)
I dont remember on what minute but they all are on stream in my channel 3 hours explored in vannila official server so they are kinda BIG bugs if so…
Bugs on stream

  1. Summoning pools
    1.2 graphic or so is dead, u can see it on stream minute 30 till i leave pools each summonig that should make tornado seems do ends sooner and then u can even see appearing enemys only after water pillar is done
    1.3) MIgo sounds are TOO LOUD it felt like titanic steam horn when they hitted iceberg… And too long… i dont know feels like fighting train and ship not some beasts…
    1.4) those patchfinds are well i climbed on one stone, even thrall that followed me wandered dunno where… until i was back on solid ground…
    1.5) minute 41 or so u can see giant king fight, that guy with dash just phazing tru me and i seems teleporting - means i runned away but he still slashed me even missed his attack.
    1.6) Also that bug where giant king is as statue but gives u silent legion still is live…

  2. Altar of zatch or new religion
    2.1) 56 minute u can see how i test new orbs that should summon spiders . Before last patch they attacked everything even others and summoner - basic everyone that is in range with poison, but now they are neutral to everything until they got damage. then again they spit poison and poissoning even my thrall.

  3. later where i tryed to get thralls
    3.1) i dont know if its improvement or bug but NPC dont give any atention to thrall now, they just foccus in mobbing the player… cant find exact minute but near ship on new island south side i runned like mad because while my thrall tryed to chase them all down thye hunted me runing behind me and trying to kill… without even seeing thrall… ( somewhere around hour 2 )
    3.2) flying teleporting enemys - at 2:10:30 u can see i wandered in cave where some of npc somehof flyed or teleported on high rocks that breaked they pathfind and also for my thrall

  4. Undermeshing?
    4.1) Stream minute 2:28.42 - its undermeshing on that base? because it seems half into ground… i tought thats not possible anymore after that antiundermesh update but this one is pretty new, days before that pplace was clear but i dunno if this is report like on player or bug for antiundermesh :smiley:

  5. why grass around my base region is soo bugged that i cant pick up any of it, it just despawns instantly on one hit

  6. THat red mother dragon on beach is like in city at exile lands, if u attack she push thrall in ground then agrro at player and thrall cant move anymore ( not in video i aint streaming on purpose how i die and my thrall by bug :smiley: )

Expected Behavior:

I already writed up by points

Installed Mods:


Steps to Reproduce:

Nothing to reproduce just u can see in video

Hello @NeoTheMatrix, thank you for the detailed reports and the video to back them up, we’ve forwarded this information to the development team.

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Just dont forged that video is saved up to 20 days :smiley: also thanks for answer :slight_smile:

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