Out of options 13 14 15 <--was 3 letterss shot to get to 15

The server option for CE are crappy to say the least. In early access everything was peachy.
When the game opened you could not get on a server for hours or days.
So we got a private server. That lasted 3 months, hackers, and kids, and drama oh my!
Since we like the private servers, so we tried a few. For some reason sysops can stop medling with the live server. Last one we were on I worked for 10 days to get one named armorer.
The next day the owners rolled the server back 3 days, making my 11 named total down to 7, and not the ONE I wanted.

So now we are back on an official server. After doing the boring meteors for a week, we got two greater rock noses. Until some nice Japanese folk ran king scorpion 5 miles to kill my two rock beasts. Well I got a key from the dead scorp, cant use it, too low a level at 50.

Now some kids have built right where the major iron deposits are, and they are to stubor take it down.

Great game Funcom, crappy players

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