Out of video memory trying to allocate a rendering resource. Make sure your video card has minimum required memory, try lowering the resolution and or closing other applications that are running. Exiting

I play with 80+ mods. An error appears after starting the save. I started a new game and the same thing happens. Launched the game without mods everything is fine. But I previously ran with mods as well and the game worked fine. This started happening after the latest game updates.
My system
memory 32 gb 2400ghz
processor Ryzen 5 3600 4 ghz
videocard Geforce RTX 3060 12 gb
Maybe someone had a similar problem. I had an idea what could be happening due to the new nvidia drivers, but I installed earlier versions and it did not help. Again, I say I used to play with a bunch of mods and everything worked fine.

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for reaching out. Can you share with us if you made any changes to .ini files besides playing with mods?

We await your reply.

I did not make any changes to the ini file, I reinstalled the game and completely deleted all save files. and started a new game, it started working, then I connected the mods and an error started, I have a video memory leak. and that’s just with the game conan exiles. In other games, for example, Elden Ring, RDR 2, Mafia Definitve Edition. God of War on PC. Cyberpunk 2077, everything is going well. but with Conan Exiles such a problem


Thank you for getting back to us. Recently we faced a difficulty with the update 3.0.5, can you please check the following announcement and perform the troubleshooting if necessary?

Please let us know if it assists you with the issue.

So this is useless information for me, I completely reinstalled the game, this folder is empty and so. I start a completely new game with mods connected and I can’t start it, the video memory leaks and then the video driver crashes and the message described above pops up.

If you use 80+ mods, at least one of them is out of date or the source of a conflict.


You need to have a video card with more video memory to play with your 80+ mods. Or wait for a mod update that could possibly fix a memory leak.

Guys, at least you read the text more carefully before writing your UNNEEDED comments that are not relevant. I have all the updated modifications, and I looked at them all, they all function normally. And the memory of the video card is 12 gigabytes, 12 gigabytes, CARL, this is more than enough for a game released in 2017, when even my video card was not there. And I also previously played with a stable 60 fps. in Full HD resolution. Please write to the blog only those comments that will help, or those people who had this problem, my problem is that there is a video memory leak. I get the feeling that after updating and adding mod caching, and then sharply cutting out, the developers didn’t finish something and in the end, anyway, somehow the game tries to cache but it doesn’t work