Outer Realm (US WEST) - RP PVP-C, 3x Harvest, 2x EXP, Dedicated 24/7, Active Admins, Nice Players, No Grief!

Outer Realm is a new server with about 5 dedicated players so far. All the good spots are still open to build. No loot drop/no bases can be damaged in pvp.

This is a PVP RP lite server - Global is OOC, Local is RP. It’s relaxed so you can RP as much or little as you like.

Active admins keep the place nice and clutter free, no drama. Fun players. Join us!

Server Infos:

Outer Realm
Direct Connect:
US WEST, RPPVP-C, 3x harvest rate, 2x exp, no loot drop on death. Active Admins, 24/7 dedicated server (G-Portal, same as official).

Join Us!

Bumpage for great justice

We’ve got about six dedicated players right now. We have the slots set at 20, so lots more room for new players!

Our players haven’t spread out their builds, so there’s a ton of open map space to build.

Relaxed community, it’s pvp flagged but everyone is cool - we usually PVP in an arena for fun, no one KOS each other etc.

Come join if you’re a single player kind of person and want to hang out with like minded people. Mature group, chill.