Outrageous bugs: weapons disappearing, can't hit anything

Playing on an official EU server #1104, 40-50 ping, crafting a stone spear for the 4-th time since it disappears each time I deselect its slot (or select a different tool/weapon). Literally disappears, it is not dropped to the ground. Also, can’t hit anything, like animals or thralls. Animals spill blood, but no hitpoint bar appears and they don’t run as they otherwise would. Thrall can hit me, but I just punch air despite the weapon making connection to the model. How are you supposed to play??? I’ve ~140 hours on single player and wanted to try pvp, but as I can’t eat anything but bugs and can’t fight back, I guess that won’t be happening…

Forgot to add journey steps not updating and resetting on rejoin, as if I never completed any steps (despite being level 6 and completing multiple steps).

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