Over night decay

I am leasing a server that is PVE and open to the public. Unity new person friendly server. I set a lesser wheel of pain out and by the next day the wheel was gone and the event log has said that it had decayed. Other people have complained that their objects have been becoming unstable and or decayed. Sever setting are decay multiplier 1.0 and the other is set to 15 days decay time. Is anyone else having things decay quickly?

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Logged in today and a bonfire is missing. I place wood inside this bonfire every other day and it is listed as decayed and abandoned. The odd part is that I had to replace the same bonfire a week ago. Other bonfires at our other camp are still burning bright even though they were built a month ago.

Were these decayed placeables placed on foundations or placed on bare ground? How close were they to buildings?

Isolated objects have a much reduced decay timer unless they’re close to your base. (How close is “close”, that I don’t know.)

The objects were on bare ground and in some cases built away from camp. Like a wheel of pain near a village we were farming. Looks like I need to figure out more on how things work in this game. one would think that everything would have the same 15 day timer. thanks for the info :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.

It’s a good idea to build at least a small base near any strategic locations you’re going to visit often, such as a village where you do a lot of, erm, recruiting, or concentrations of valuable resources. (But not so close that you stop the resources from spawning, of course.) Cooking station, bed, maybe a map room. Enough foundations that you get the full decay timer (you can use a Repair hammer to display decay timers, I think). Of course, the more important your base gets, the more you want to protect it against Purges. Over time my “I’ll just put a Wheel of pain and a bonfire here” bases tend to grow into fortresses.

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