Overhaul of the western Savanna- the crowngrove

The crowngrove - a nice landscape with a few animals and really nothing of major interest. It’s the total opposite of the eastern savanna.
So why not making an overhaul to this Biome.
The landscape should be supplemented by a few water holes, which are the preferred places where animals will stay, as in the Eastern Savanna.
In the western part of the mountains I would place iron and coal deposits, maybe a small cave with a small sulfur deposit.
Some NPC Camps around the pathways to the north would also be nice.


Crowngrove: what’s the meaning of this word? It’s a small group of trees on top of a hill, or a small forest.
Give this place a story. Perhaps this was the place where Tyros and Telith met in secret, hidden from the Priest King’s spies. Place some remains, which will point to this History. Make it a place of interest.

So what do you think Exiles - how should this overhaul look like?


You’re right BiJay. I mean so too.

Yeah you could add dogs of the deserts tribes there including named npcs.

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They added NPC camps to the south end of it with the relic hunters this patch.

It could use a watering hole.

I could appreciate a cave.

It’s not far from brimstone, steel, or coal. Thralls are stone throw away. White tiger boss is there.

Unique landscape, trees to build in that are usually not filled with noobs.

Only thing “missing” is silk.

So yea, add a cave.

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“Crowngrove” is the litteral translation of “Paradise”. These were the royal hunting fields, where the Persian Emperor would spend time to relax. Lush fields with wild animals of all sorts.

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As is often the case, I agree with you BiJay. Its not that the Western Savannah is bad in its current state. Its just that there are no variations of the existing creatures from the Eastern Savannah, few points of interest, and little discernable loot. And one usually needs to navigate around the perimeters of the Unnamed City to get there. Im just curious, does anyone actually prefer the Western Savannah, or Frequent it more than the Eastern one? No offence intended, genuine question.

It also bothers me that that the 2 Savannah biomes are not the same uniform yellow colour as the Eastern one. Must be the ocd talking.

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Since map expansion is a no go, maybe there can be a great flood and the western biome could be changed to marshes. soggy , where speed is actually cut to 75% in certain muddy areas. Also could add in a band of new exile camps and a couple of dungeon entrances with some new beaties roaming around there.

@WhatMightHaveBeen You mean…like a ‘Black Marshlands’ or ‘Bog’ biome…!?


:wink: Sorry, I couldnt help myself.


Yes, your suggestion is exactly what i was thinking of tbh :slight_smile:

It would definately add a new and unique environment and terrain. And I believe that if we are going to add a new biome/more land/change this one, call it what you will, it should be a unique backdrop such as this, rather than just more jungle, snow, etc. Moreover, the new resource and building material I suggested to accompany it (ie- Clay/Mud nodes, used to create Mudbrick), would finally provide a much needed new T1 building material.

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Maybe instead of T1, T2. T1 is very low level (think gilligans Island(yes i am that old to remember that show)), and this area seems to be more of mid level where harvesting for mud brick would be a level 20-30 feat.

Crown Grove is at the edge of the map. And where it comes to climate Crown Grove is at the corner of the warm map. I would not build there even if it was made out of diamonds, so to speak. But maybe it can be a nice hunting zone.

But its namesake beasts are hard: tigers without aloe for bandages and rhinos that charge you point blank for absurd damage. Even at level 60 I avoid these animals because these give little reward for a lot of hassle. I rather fight a dragon whelp. Also Crown Grove got no elephants, because elephants need water.

Getting wood, stone or thralls is an issue in Crown Grove. Even if you have some kind of a treehouse mod — wood is hard to get despite being in a forest biome. To the north it’s freezing with armoured level 50 NPCs. And to the south the new treasure hunter packs are even harder.

By the way there is a third savannah biome, to the east of Sandswept Ruins. I think this is the only true Savannah (tropical rainforest with a dry season) as it does rain there.

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