Overpopulated Servers 45/40 - Need More U.S North Servers

Game mode: Online
Problem: Misc
Region: [America]

Servers Are Being Over Populated With Some Servers Having 45/40 Players
I Have Been Waiting For Over 2 Hours For The Server to Drop Below 40 Players
And Right When When It Does 5 People Join And Its Back At 45/40 Players
This Is Ridiculous U.S North Needs More Servers As These Are The Most Populated Ones.

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Same issue in EU.
More servers now will not solve our issue becouse those players who are already on the overpopulated servers will unlikely start new on a nother server. Funcom screwed it at the beginning…


Exactly, I’m not starting over and neither are the other 200 people that are level 30+ on this server SMH

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