Overwatch penalty

I wonder if a dev or someone in the know could weigh in on what the aim penalty for overwatch is. I went a campaign and a half without ever hitting an overwatch shot until just yesterday. But then I don’t use overwatch in this game nearly as much as in XCOM.

Far as I know none but if the someone sprints there is a penalty to hit them. In other words Overwatch works better if the other guy is moving and attacking rather then just moving.

For XCOM, the wiki says

This reaction shot has a 0% Critical chance and reduced Aim). If the target is Dashing the aim for the Overwatch shot is further reduced.

Aim is reduced by a factor of 0.7, and a cumulative 0.7 factor if target is Dashing. Thus, a soldier with 80 Aim would have a base chance of 80 x 0.7 = 56% to hit a reaction shot, and 80 x 0.7 x 0.7 = ~39% for dashing targets, not including other modifiers such as range and perks.

Are you saying you just don’t know if there’s a flat penalty (before sprinting) or not, or that you actually think there isn’t one?