Own all DLC can't learn statues

Game mode: [all]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [USA]

[as the title reads I can’t use the DLC statues from riddled of steel or what ever that small dlc pack is that only has statues from the TV show]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hello @LTDBlackWidow, are you able to spawn them through the admin panel in singleplayer?

Also, have you tried checking your games and apps to determine if the DLC is actually installed?
To access this, focus on a game in your games list and press the menu button on your controller, then select Manage game & addons.

I cannot spawn them in. And every dlc is downloaded. As well I have taken the liberty of wiping the game, an reinstalling it as well as ALL dlc ensured riddle of steel is installed, and still I cannot learn the statues.

At level 42 I still cannot learn them, as the only two requirements are level ten and basic artisan. I have every other decorative item learn up to level 42 and still do not have the statues.

As a reference

Could you please try to reset your console’s cache by holding the power button for about 10 seconds until the console powers off, then disconnecting it from the power outlet for a couple of minutes?

We’ll be sure to run some checks to determine if there could be any issue with the DLC as soon as possible.

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