[P.v.P] Shambala: No Rifle Challenge! August 27

Community Event : No Rifle Challenge!

Thank You all for participating to No Rifle Challenge!

:sparkles: Our Winners are: :sparkles:

  • 1st: Agnetha 1809 points
    Radiant Anima-Infused Keepsake

  • 2nd: Xantheavia 1625 points
    Skin Plasma Forged Fist

  • 3rd: Lisiasty 1459 points
    30 Weapon Fragments

~ Congratz to Kormyn, new pvp player: 1154 points! ~

Here is the little amateur video I made over 4 hours of run \o/
Great Event, Great Idea: Thank you Mopty to have started this!

Thank you all for have taken part of this challenge! We will program another one, probably after Halloween.

See you Squad Team!


Thank you for this, I was really surprised how much fun it is, havent played PvP since Fusang! :heart_eyes:



Had a lot of fun this time :slight_smile: We have to think about more weapon themes dor sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for running this :slight_smile:

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Thanks all! It’s a nice surprise :slight_smile: I really enjoyed this, we must do it again soon, maybe without hammer too? :smiley:

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Thank you Hyun-Bin, it was much fun :slight_smile: