P2w ? New storm glass

New storm glass set has a piece with 200000 hp/snaps into just about anything and from a quick look it’s about the size of 3ish foundations.

Was this intended?

Also there’s no way I would pay for this for the reason of having the upper hand but that doesn’t mean others won’t waste their money.

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That has to be a bug.

It’s an interesting and valid point that you raise. As a non PvP player, I have no horse in this race.

I just held my hammer to my Storm glass Rose Window. You are indeed correct - not that I doubted you. I also noted my adjoining T4 wall has 70,000 hp. So as it sits my one building piece at 200,000 hp replaces a cumulative value of 4 T4 walls at 280,000 hp. However… It will take you a heck of a lot longer to bust through my one piece than the alternative where you simply need to destroy one 70,000 hp to gain the same access.

I have no idea what calculations Funcom used. I simply offer this food for thought in support of your position.

Your point of wasting money doesn’t really apply to my playstyle though. I love the aesthetics of this particular piece and would have bought it with no regard for its hp. My biggest threat is offline purges and I have found other ways to mitigate this without concerning myself with hp values.

Edit: there is a curious illusion created by this piece. From the inside it is clear that the hexagonal pane of glass is on the outer wall portion of the piece. However running outside and looking in makes it clear the same pane of glass is actually on the inside portion of this piece. Not unlike the last time someone handed me a piece of paper with “turn over” written on both sides, I’ve been stuck in a loop for three days now.

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It only applies to pvp.

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There is more in the Battlepass :slight_smile:

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