Pact Conan Exiles Age of Calamitous & IQoL: PVE with PVP events

Are you tired of not being able to progress in the game? Are you sick of toxic players ruining the game for you? Do you want a enjoyable bunch to have a laugh with and get in a bit of in game trouble.

Do you want an active community to game with? If so, look no further!

We have a friendly, helpful and active community. Just remember that toxicity will not be tolerated and our admins are active. We are taking new players by invite/and why. Be sure to read and follow the server rules when accepted!.

Solo players and Clans are welcome! If you need a safe place to level or need to be shown the ropes, contact a member of the Pact clan - we’re happy to assist!

We do not have server wipes, but the admin team performs a regular sweep to get rid of spam builds and abandoned buildings.

If you experience any toxicity on the server, report it immediately! We have an absolute zero tolerance for such behavior. Please see our server rules on the Discord!

Need helping taming or building something? No problem! Our players are always happy to help.

Server name:Pact Conan Exiles Age of Calamitous & IQoL

Discord invite code: Discord Conan channel : KD3cd2j invite code. Come say hi and find out more as we do have groups in more games too.

Server Settings

Difficulty level 3 PURGES when 4 or more players online, and will be doing 1 higher grade purge event every two weeks Level 4-6
x1.5 harvest
x5 XP Kill
x3 XP
x2 Crafting

Server Mods:

Age of Calamitous
Stygian Building Kit
Glass Constructions
LitMan Weight
Pippi User & Server
Seed Table
No Screen Blood
Niflheimr - MiniMap
Bark ByProduct
Warrior Mutator
Seductive Derketo
Immerse RP Decor
Improved Quality Life
Level 350
Conspirator Armor


Community Colosseum event for 1v1 or more PVP and PVE events where we will spawn in animals gradually getting harder to a point.
Rewards for donations.
Active and friendly admin team, and are held to the same standards as our players - meaning no admin abuse!
Laid back, friendly community and active Discord.
Admins enforce all of the rules, no exceptions.
Open to server adjustment suggestions!

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We have a very active, helpful group. We often group up to explore and find new thralls to tame. There is endless content to learn and creatures to take down. Come join the fun.