Paid account frozen, address to Funcom

I paid my account for 12 months +bonus on this site I know you do not handle billing issues on this forum, but i’m asking who does and where, because i submitted a ticket to support,, [Funcom #1117248] Your Funcom Customer Service Ticket? After a really unprofessional and displeasing attempt to charge a DOUBLE subscription period, i cleared my payment details and second period failed, tho my approved payment shows as running yet my access to what i paid for is locked(frozen). Simply put, where i’m from this is called FRAUD as the existence of that subscription button legally binds you to provide access to what i paid for. Is been 8 days since i opened the ticket, no answer! Is clearly mentioned in the account page that i have 14 days to ask for a refund, but i will not wait that long, my question is, should get my money back via bank or should i open a legal case for this outrageous behavior on your side? If you don’t want to give me what i paid for, i see only two options here!

If you get money back from bank with reclamation without fc help, they (fc) just ban’s your account.
You might need to wait for several weeks for answer sadly…

just FYI.

Had a similar problem, took them 50 days to respond to my ticket.

So if you dont want to do a chargeback and get a perma-ban, id advise you to just postpone your ao plans by a month or two.

It sucks, i know, but this is how funcom operates. If you think its unfair, best thing to do is to try to make your voice heard on other platforms, because fc aint listening.