Paid expansion suggestion list

I took a break from Exiles for a few months, but I’ve recently found myself back on and loving it more than before. The updates Funcom continue to make are welcoming. I know the nerfs are not in everyone’s favour, but I’m meaning the ability to roll in heavy armour (big one for me), the mounts and the DLCs.

With the announcement of the upcoming paid expansion, as well as Season 3 Pass, I’m hoping this can be a suggestion list for all of us. Please, voice your suggestions here.

If there is already a these on this, I apologize, I did not see one. With that, I’ll start with two for now.

  1. NPC camps from all races available at character creation. Have yet to see any Khitai, Pict, Vendhyan, Himelian, Turanian etc. NPCs in the game. He’ll, throw in Yamatai also, since we have some DLC for it.

  2. More lore throughout the entire map of course, but can we get some easter eggs for all the religions of the Hyborian Age? Would love to find a piece of lore at an NOC camp or a small shrine which gives us the ability to create a statue of that god. Still, we have no Derketo, Jhebbal Sag statues. Even the Yog craftable doesn’t resemble the avatar. Give Crom a pile of rocks or something. Anything.

Would love to see lore/statues of Hanuman, Kali, Ishtar, Asura, Dagon, etc. There’s many to name, but all would be welcomed.

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Now that we have horses I hope the new map expansion will be a cluster map, like atlas, so we can use the obelisk for interserver teleporting and horses for traveling, and each server could have several faction-styled areas without cluttering too much and leaving spaces for people to build, make sense?

Like using obelisks to go to different clustered biomes on the same server? Im unfamiliar with Atlas.

No, the map is divided in 9 server, 3x3, but to go on to the other chunk of map you need to use the obelisk to teleport to the next map chunk/server, so it’s like 70 player divided on to 9 interconnected maps, and the obelisk could tell you “you can’t now, there’s too many people”.

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So im picturing a 3x3 grid over the current conan map. Section 1-3 would be like where the dregs are. And 2-2 would be like darfari desert. If had my base in 3-1 north of the black hand if i wantted to do the dregs id take a teleporter to get to that section of the map while the other 8 sections still exsisted connected to that? Like each obelisk takes you to a different part of the map, not an alternate map right? Not sure why im having so much trouble communicating today with people.

No, immagine 9 servers, one of them has all the monuments/dungeons and it’s without building privileges, each server holds a maximum size map (unreal engine limitation), and you can travel from server to server using obelisks.
Make sense right?

Yeah. I think im getting hung up on the ones with building permissions. Are they just clones of a buildable map? Or is each different in terrian?

Different, like a huge map divided in 9 servers, make sense? or a huge hyboria map divided in 9, each with it’s own unbuildable small dungeon/monument area. But I’d rather prefer 1 of the servers dedicated to monuments and dungeons.

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