Paid for subscription but no access to Expansions

[Funcom Support #1092627]

I paid for an Anarchy Online Subscription and it said there was a holiday special that included the expansions. But I don’t have access to the expansions at all. Been waiting for the past 2 hours now logging in periodically and trying to make a new character that is either a keeper or shade just to see if the expansion is active.

My account information shows that they approved my payment and that the halloween special was bought. But it only shows Anarchy Online and Notum Wars for the products. Am I doing something wrong or is something wrong? I am just looking to correct this issue so I can play with the expansions.


Hello Thaeq, sorry to hear of the trouble. I’ve confirmed that your email ticket is in the queue, and you’ll be hearing back from support staff as soon as possible. We’ll be happy to get this issue resolved from there. Thank you very much for your patience in the meantime.

Just a quick answer if anyone knows. Does the subscription include the expansions or do I need to pay the 19.99 to seperately get them?

Thank guess I didnt need to buy it seperately. Appreciate it.

In my case it was so that after resubbing i got all expansions for free. Even without a special offer.

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