Paid server crash and lost ALL buildings

Hello, we just had our paid server crash and when we went back in to the game, everything we have ever built from the beginning until now has disappeared completely. We will have to restart all over again. This takes a HUGE amount of time and resources to get back to where we were. Is there a way you guys (devs) could give us a reset back a couple of days? Or is that not a possible thing? Just curious. Thanks for any input!


hey there!

if your server crashed and you paid for it, you need to ask the company that you are renting the server from.

normally the server does a couple of game.db backups every X minutes ( at least the case on pc version <.< )

just contact your server host company, tell them about the incident and ask them to kindly restore the game.db with a backup :slight_smile:
just remain friendly and explain as much as possible so they have enough details to figure out what was going on :smiley:

good luck!

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