Paint / Dye bases!


Would like to have the ability to paint or dye building walls, foundations ceilings doors etc. And (If you are on a pvp server) have the ability to do it to other peoples bases as well.


I like the idea of being able to dye building materials. Funcom has decided already not to do it for now.

Why would you want to dye someone else’s property?


And why should you be allowed?


To be annoying, instigate fights via a minor annoyance / make people wonder who did it, that sort of thing. Saw that funcom has put this on the back burner for now after I made this post, makes me sad, but I guess they have bigger priorities at the moment.


You do not think there are enough ways to be annoying in the game already?


yeah but most ways to be annoying involve being malicious, this is a pretty harmless way to be annoying


Lol, I’ll give you that


I spend a lot of time on creating my buildings, someone messing with the color would be very annoying to me.