Palisade Exploit

  1. wrong, thanks for admitting you didn’t read the post.

  2. how about you stop going into a post you don’t care about enough to properly read and instead start your own post about the “more important things to look at”.

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Its a discussion forum. and yes, i expect people will be responding. TO THE ACTUAL POST. Not random arrogant assumptions about the post and rants about the issue you didn’t even take the time to understand and properly reply to.

(And try reading things before you reply thinking you know better)

Edit: This was a response to one of Palm522’s post that he/she seemed to have deleted. I wonder why :thinking:

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perhaps we’re dealing with a potential hacker and not someone using a broken mechanic in the game that Funcom will be complained to until a nonproblem is nerfed or made into a problem woo hoo.

I’d rather not look at Siptah, it’s a precursor to Funcom turning into Bethesda