Palisades and thralls

Literally why’d you take away the ability to palisade thralls and horses in pvec? That was apart of the game especially after decaying a base of someone who’s likely never getting on again. Horses have loot and so do thralls but oh you can kill them whenever you want on pvp but pvec with pvp from 6pm to 11pm y’all go “you can’t do this anymore”. There’s zero point to allowing thralls to sit there until they despawn when we could palisade them and get the loot and the land is cleared. Stop changing things that don’t need changing.


On PvE, you got people who let their thralls just sit there long after their base decays, but they still log on elsewhere, thereby refreshing the thralls every time and blocking the zone from building. Palisades were literally the only way to deal with those.

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Last year you could palisade human npc on ps4 official pve but not animals or yetis that sort of thing and when you killed humans could not take the loot. Don’t know about Xbox. @jmk1999 @WaistlessAxe18

Definitely need to get rid of lingering thralls and pets.

LAST WEEK you could do that.

Not anymore on Xbox they took it away

Have you tried talking?.. Especially on PvE servers… the whole point is to have some form of a community going on, else you’re better off in single player. So technically you could just ask them to move their thralls…
If they refuse or you really can’t catch them online and it seems like they’re just logging on to refresh that, simply report them for it… explaining that their thralls are claiming land for no reason.

I would, but you can’t always tell who’s thralls they are if you didn’t see the base originally, or if there was no clan originally.

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Talking doesn’t always work anyway and this is why palisading should be allowed on pvec. You can do it on pvp with or without palisades so why not pvec atleast during pvp hours. Funcom is absolutely dropping the ball

I was referring to just plain PvE though… they should have just left it be. If you place your thralls too far away from your land claim, that’s on you.

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