Pandemonia - A New 18+ Roleplay Server!

Pandemonia - A New Type of 18+ Roleplay Server!
U.S. Timezones!

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+Welcome to the Land of Pandemonia!
+A new kind of Roleplay Server for those interested in a more fantasy experience over traditional Conan lore.
+Created with RP focused minds, you start to build your story the moment you arrive.  
+Players and the RP control the economy and determine the outcome of the story.  
+Levels and Feat Points given upon entry to allow you to begin RP within a short time of joining. 0
+We've uniquely eliminated the need to grind for resources and given more opportunities to RP. 
+Built on the beautiful Sapphire Map with custom animals!
-This is NOT another Conan Server.
-This is Pandemonia.
-Where the Grind of Conan... does not exist!

Sapphire Map!

+Wonderbody, Immersive Armors, GrimProductions!
+Emberlight, Kerozards, IQoL, Ravencrest Couriers, MultiChar! 
+SvS, Svs Vol 2, Shani's Stuff, Pythagoras Beams, Glass Construction and More!

Many more Exciting and Popular mods!
See our Mod Collection on the Steam Workshop below!

Join us on our Discord for more information!