Pandemonium Multi-Server - Vanilla+ | PVE-C | US EAST | Exiled Lands and Siptah | High Performance Hardware

@Mijin, I’m gonna be real here. This is my first time coming across this post on the forums and it’s pretty funny to read through the bump log.

Anyways, to any prospecting players, I spent my last 7-8 months playing this server and as a mostly PvP-oriented player who started out as an extremely driven and optimized farmer, I came to really enjoy the experience of this server. I found it remarkable the fights you could find but were rarely forced into enduring. You could find conflict anywhere but you certainly could also always have a relatively high degree of security.

The server runs great and the community runs better still. If you have an enjoyment of either EL or Siptah and want to have a nearly- vanilla experience with a good community, some QoL, and some additional building options, I would recommend this server and no other.