Pandemonium - Vanilla PVE-C - Free Speech


We created this server with the mission of a moderation policy opposite to official servers. That means we won’t ever ban for words said on the internet, but will actively ban people who are using third-party programs, lag switch, etc. Additionally with much better server performance than anything G-portal can offer.

This server will have a heavy focus on PVP, but building damage will remain off. PVP times are currently 5:00 PM EST to 11:30 PM EST, but we may expand PVP time a bit if there’s a desire for it.

We won’t be having server wipes.

The server started on 9/17, we have a sizable community already on day one of people in exodus from an official server plagued by cheaters and report abusers, but we’d like to get up to 40.

If you’re looking for the Vanilla PVE-C experience, without the pitfalls of playing on official then join us on Discord.


Bump. It’s a great server with a variety of people and active admin. Come and join us and grow from being an exile concerned with unfair reporting schemes to an exile becoming something greater!

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