Pandemonium's Wheel - A New 18+ Dark Roleplay Server!

Pandemonium’s Wheel - A New 18+ Dark Roleplay Server!
U.S. Timezones!

Direct Connect:

-Welcome, Lost Soul.
-To the Land of Xanrith, where you have one last, second chance...
-To determine whether your soul moves on to Heaven... or to Hell.
-What will you do, Lost Soul... 
-With this new life you've been given, in a savage land?

-Pandemonium's Wheel is a brand new Roleplay Server!
-Where the Roleplay is determined by you, the player!
-Your actions, or your inaction... determines which way the roleplay will go!  
-Come build your own Clan, or join one thats already built!

Savage Wilds Map with Age of Calamitous and ThrallWars!
Admin placed Quests!

+Emberlight, Kerozards, IQoL, Ravencrest Couriers, MultiChar! 
+Buttermilk, Immersive Armors, Kali's Cults and Crafts, GrimProductions!
+SvS, Svs Vol 2, Dudes, Pythagoras Beams, Cathedrals, Glass Construction!

Many more Exciting and Popular mods!
See our Steam Modlist below for our full Mod Collection!

Join us on our Discord for more information!

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