Panel of Power / suggestion

There is a panel of power, it would be cool to make a tablet for attributes. Of course with limitation for the character. I would like to run around as berzerker. This is unfortunately not possible, because strength, stamina and agility can not be combined so that you can run around as berzerker. Is anyone here who want the same?

50 all stats. Not a good idea for me.

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Yes, but only for an additional 163 attribute points, which I believe would be enough to let you get 50 in two stats before potion, equipment, or war paint buffs.

we got 390 AP for a reason, despite the buffs from various sources we have, having a limit on possiblity that force for diverse build instead of an unique one that can do everything.

If you guys wan’t more point there is still the possibility of raising your lvl on solo game, but in a multiplayer environement this would not be balance at all because every build would tend to be looking the same as any other.

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