Panoptic Commander Helmet clipping



The helmet of the Panoptic Commander set shows with hair and clips horribly.


It doesn’t really work as intended


I am very happy with mine. It looks perfect. Please never change this. :stuck_out_tongue:


the Panoptic Commander outfit does not correspond at all to the image associated with it in the “preview”.
In the picture, the “Panoptic Commander” outfit looks a lot like the “Panoptic Core” outfit, but with extra armor and a helmet.
The hair passes through the helmet, and all the “yellow” light effects of the Panopic Core are absent from the Panoptic Commander outfit. They appear in black.
Worse: the textures of the armor seem to be of low quality, since the “black” and “gray” parts do not even match the textures used for the helmet.


Whereas the outfit does work as intended :slightly_smiling_face:


By putting both (Panoptic Core and Panoptic Commander) next to each other, and changing the lighting, we can clearly see that the textures used for the Panoptic Commander have a problem.
It’s a shame, it would be enough to use the textures of the Panoptic Core by changing the color of the light effects (I love the small blue lights) so that everything is in order …



Don’t you love having a beak on the back of your head ?


Please fix - it’s causing an orangutan effect on Svella :grimacing: