Panoptic Commander TEXTURES need a fix!

The Panoptic Commander is (at least if we look at the miniature associated with the outfit) an improved version of the Panoptic Core.
A “Panotic Core” with a helmet and armor additions.

But that’s the theory … In practice, the Panoptic Commander is a very ugly outfit, looking totally “out of place in Secret Wolrd Legend”.
Not because of the concept of the outfit, which I find particularly interesting. No.
Because of the appalling bugs associated with this outfit.

Obviously there is a problem with the textures of the Panoptic Commander outfit.
Not only are the textures cruelly lacking details (not to mention the luminous effect of the “Core” which is replaced by … nothing at all … black, totally black), but in addition it react oddly to lighting.

I show it next to the Panoptic Core and Unity Core (illuminaty) for comparison.

We can clearly see that there is a problem.
I have included other pictures taken under a totally different light.
The problem remains the same. The textures on the Panoptic Commander always have the same problem, wherever it is.

This is not a problem of “taste”. I am not disappointed with the overall appearance of the Panoptic Commander.
I am disappointed that it is bug.
(The fact that its in-game appearance and the image on the thumbnail showing it in the “preview” function seems to be a pretty good indication that the Panoptic Commander does not currently have the look that was originally intended.)
Short. The outfit is bug.
The textures are not the ones you would expect on Secret World Legend, the hairs

(and even the ear tip …) passes through the helmet, and, overall, the CURRENT appearance of the Panoptic Commander leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.
Especially considering the efforts needed to obtain it.

I include a last screenshot to show that the textures of the HELMET seem correct (there is no “totally black texture”, and I included the thumbnail of the preview to show that the light effect is ABSENT of the 'armor.

In theory the Panoptic Commander should have a “yellow” light effect similar to that of the Panoptic Core.
Ideally, the light effect should be the color of the faction of the character … (As for the “Unity Core - faction” obtained on Secret World)

No light effect. An ugly black cloth. An outfit with a level of detail (or rather, a lack of detail) that is more reminiscent of a 2008 game than 2018 …

To put it simply, even an Age of Conan armor set is nicer and better done.