Pantheon PvE-C Age of Calamitous - New Oct 2018


Pantheon PvE-C Age of Calamitous - New Oct 2018

Welcome to your gateway to epic adventure. Come join us, and create a legend of your own !

Rated top 10 on , top 10 on , and top 50 on (which includes all official severs too).

Friendly and casual new server, inclusive and open to all. PvP enabled but no raiding, so PvE and RP players very welcome.

Please be sure to join the “Pantheon PvE-C Age of Calamitous - New Oct 2018” Discord for more real-time info

Mod List & IP :

Single click download of all required mods, here at the Steam Workshop “Pantheon PvE-C Age of Calamitous” mod collection :

For quick reference, your in-game mod list must be in this exact order, top to bottom :

The Age of Calamitous
Kerozard’s Paragon Levelling
XP Unchained 400

Subscribe to the mods (link above) and order them correctly in-game, then hit Refresh. Wait for it to update, then check they’re still in the right order (you may have to re-order them and Refresh again). When you’re satisfied, hit Back, exit the game, then restart and begin your journey in the Exiled Lands…

The best way to connect to the server, is simply search and select from the server list in-game (don’t forget to tick “Show Servers With Mods”). It may take a while first time, but if this isn’t effective, use the “Direct Connect” button at the bottom, and manually type in the server IP :

Pantheon PvE-C Age of Calamitous - New Oct 2018

EU PC server, available to all nations
No application, no password - new player slots available

Level up to 400, with vast additional content, and re-balanced settings

Double XP, Durability, Fuel duration, and Consumable decay
Enhanced Stacks, Encumbrance and Weight
Reduced thirst and hunger
Pick up and move Crafting Stations and AoC chests

Additional benefits thru Pippi coin and AoC Loyalty
/home teleport once per hour

PvP enabled, but PvE and RP players welcome
Gear dropped with corpse, Anybody can loot
Purges and Avatars enabled 17.00 - 23.00
Building damage disabled - no raids
Extended Building Decay time (14 days + 7 days)
Containers locked (subject to review)

No wipes

Step forward exile, and let us begin your legend…