Paragon levels - on gear

I’m bored. There isn’t anything to do, and my server is dead.

I was thinking how cool it’d be to 1. be able to jump into a cross realm dungeon and fight along other people / against other people 2. If there was more to grind - but make the grind fun and purposeful

Then I thought about Diablo, and the paragon system. I think the idea is great, but in the world of Conan, it should be on unique gear pieces not on the character themselves. If each gear slot (head, chest, a weapon etc) had it’s own paragon, that leveled as you used it in encounters / grinding world mobs / pvp, the particular piece would be very valuable and a target for contention, while rewarding the player themselves with a buff. The gear is tradeable, winable in fights, and purposeful to get - if you get raided and you lost it all, or you lose a fight and you lost it - it’s fine you can do it all again.

I feel like it’d give something to build other than bases - and imagine how valuable legendary repair kits would become! Maybe we could even have a world arena that you could cue up for fights in that gives people something to watch and that would have great stream appeal too!

I think Diablo 3 is an example of developers running a good game into the ground. Let’t zoom back to vanilla Diablo 3, where adventure mode and paragon did not exist. The game had an end and the game could not be modded. It died, despite all its beauty.

De developers never let go their iron grip. The game got revived only to get strangled again. Time after time. Paragon levels are a part of this - it’s part of the problem and not of the solution.

Conan Exiles is an open game. It can be modded and you can set your own goals. And sometimes the sand in a sandbox got to be flattened. Tme to pick your goals, and choose your community!

Yeah I agree, but i’m saying the items would level, you as the player woudn’t - it’d encourage more pvp and something to do when bored - grind mobs & dungeons with purpose

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