Paring Blade weapon upgrade

Hey guys,

Does anyone know if Paring blade is suppose to lower weapon durability? I just made one and put it on my steel hammer. It lowered its durability from 1440ish to 1080 or so.


All mods, both weapon and armor, lower durability. The sole exception are the durability mods. This is by design and the price you pay for upgrading.

It is a trade off aspect. You increase one stat but trade off another.

Thanks for the replies guys.

They should really add this information to the tool’s information.

The information is in there somewhere, on one of the upgrades. Maybe all, I’d have to check.
They do state that there’s a tradeoff and upgraded weapons are less durable.

(I’m sure a lot of people don’t click the “info” button on most things.)

Interestingly, the paring blade actually says it maintains the strength and durability of the weapon.

It was the flexibility kit that hints at a tradeoff if you upgrade gear.

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