Partial solution to ceiling bases and a fair change?

I give my humble support mainly to r/ConanExiles on Reddit and this has become a common issue that has been brought up specifically by official server users who really feel that divide between volatile alpha and tier 1 players.

There are some extensive ways to deter these ceiling bases through a war of attrition or through sorceries addition of ice bridges with their drawbacks but when an overwhelming amount of players stead an alpha clan on a server for so long this becomes incredibly difficult for the average player.

I suggest building pieces have a sort of timer implemented when they can be repaired after initial damage or just a general timers where they take a certain amount of time to repair themselves after the effect is applied by the repair hammer.

This would make logical sense over instant repairs and stop players with ceiling bases or blockades from just sitting on the other side and instantly repairing anything that takes damage preventing entry for unfathomable amounts of time.

As a veteran player this issue has never bothered myself but I cant help it when the community suffers over it being drown by fortifying numbers. Tell me what you think about this idea whether its incredibly stupid or smart along with any alternatives?

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Imo it’s one of those ideas that could look great when first seen. But when thinking on how it’ll work effectively on public servers it becomes incredibly stupid. Because the time will affect every players and not alpha clans. And those because they’re alpha, have more resources and people to just be marginally bothered by a time on building pieces.
While smaller clans already struggling to resist a raid from a bigger clan, will find it a lot more difficult if they need to watch a timer on each building pieces damaged.
The only way to limit the power of a clan if to set its max number of members to 3, maybe 5.


I was thinking about maybe a 12 to 15 minute timer on high tier pieces to reach full restoration to give leeway to attackers, of course this has me thinking more, maybe tier 1 pieces can have a smaller restoration timer compared to tier 3 pieces and in-between? That would seem to balance it out a bit.

Usually it isn’t an issue of the lesser clans base being raided that is the main issue, its the eventual alliance after on the assault of the raider with the tier 3 hiding behind it and instantly repairing it. It seems to end up to the point where there is even 1 to 3 players fending off up to 8 tier 1 player alliances who get stuck in the stone age.

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How about just make God bubbles remove durability during it’s time active? Skip the timer and just have it gradually decay the structure.

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